😎What is the benefit?

Delorean offers benefits for both parties in each transaction:

Benefits when you sell future yield:

  • Get money today. When you use Delorean to sell future yield, you don't have to wait months or years to get the yield from your tokens. You can get up to two years of yield today.

  • Keep your long position. Selling future yield does not sell the underlying tokens. You can keep holding your long position while getting upfront liquidity.

  • No liquidation risk. Unlike other protocols, you do not risk liquidation on your tokens, even if the price or yield rates go down.

  • Lock in yield rate. You can lock in the yield you receive when you sell future yield on Delorean. This removes an element of risk from your finances.

Benefits when you buy future yield

  • Access yield without token price risk. Some tokens generate yield in ETH, but have volatile prices. If the price of the token goes down significantly, you are at a loss even if you generated some yield. You can use Delorean to get exposure only to the yield, not the token price.

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