🪟What is Delorean?

Delorean is a way to get your future yield, today.

You can take yield generating tokens, like GLP and GMX, and get up to two years of expected yield upfront, with a discount to compensate the lender.

For a lender, you can get access to yields from tokens, without exposure to the price of the underlying.

Example transaction in Delorean

Alice has 50,000 GLP. It has an average APY of 20%, and it is expected to generate a total of 10 ETH over the next two years.

Instead of waiting a year to get that 10 ETH, she can use Delorean. She makes a swap with the liquidity pool and receives 9 ETH today. She will pay back 10 ETH over the next year, paying an 11% APR.

On the flip side, Bob has 9 ETH. He makes a swap with an Delorean liquidity pool, and buys future yield. He gets 10 ETH over the next year, netting him a profit of 1 ETH at 11% APY. He is not exposed to the price fluctuations of the token generating this yield.

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